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Goodrich Scholarship Program
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Welcome to the Goodrich Scholarship Program


The Goodrich Scholarship Program began in 1972 through Senator Glenn Goodrich’s enabling budget amendment. The program offers a merit-and-need-based scholarship to students who will attend only the University of Nebraska at Omaha. (Note that the scholarship does not transfer to UNL or UNMC). The Goodrich Scholarship Program now boasts over 1,400 alums who, for over 40 years, have continued to connect and contribute to their communities as lawyers, educators, doctors, social workers, engineers, artists, business professionals, elected officials, directors of non-profit organizations, technologists, writers, and law enforcement officers, among many others.

Program Benefits

  • Financial aid in the form of tuition, general fees, and textbook voucher
  • A specialized writing-intensive humanities and social-science curriculum that emphasizes cultural and intellectual diversity in our local/national communities and global society
  • A comprehensive program of other academic and non-academic support services

For students selected, Goodrich will pay tuition and general fees for a maximum of 140 credit hours or until graduation, whichever comes first.  Goodrich also provides a $200 book voucher per semester.  Goodrich’s specialized freshman/sophomore curriculum is part of UNO’s general education requirements.  This Goodrich curriculum consists of HUMN 1200 (Autobiographical Reading and Writing), ENGL 1150 (English Composition I), ENGL 1160 (English Composition II) and HUMN 1110 (Perspectives on USAmerican Culture).  In the sophomore year, scholars take GDRH 2110 (Lifespan Development) and GDRH 2120 (Social Issues).  The experience of shared courses is an integral part of the Goodrich Scholarship Program and a key factor in our Goodrich scholars’ academic success.  

NOTE:  Applicants who receive tuition scholarships including but not limited to Regents, NU-Paths, Chancellor's, Dean's and Buffett cannot combine or stack any of those awards with a Goodrich scholarship.  For more information about stacking scholarships, please contact UNO's Office of Financial Aid at (402) 554.2327.


  • To provide scholars opportunities for sound and innovative educational experiences
  • To enable scholars to connect with each other, with faculty, with the university, and with the community at large
  • To empower scholars to build strong positive self-concepts
  • To equip scholars with skills that will enable them to assume leadership roles

Awards Recognizing Goodrich

  • Theodore M. Hesburgh Certificate Award for Faculty Development to Enhance Undergraduate Teaching and Learning
  • University-wide Departmental Teaching Award from the University of Nebraska System (Goodrich was the first UNO department to win this $25,000 prestigious award)
  • Retention Excellence Award from the Noel-Levitz National Center for Student Retention
  • Excellence in Teaching  Awards at the college and system levels of the University of Nebraska
  • Excellence in Research Awards at the local and national levels
  • Outstanding Nebraska Teacher Award from the Omaha World-Herald

Admission to Goodrich:  We use a composite of selection criteria to evaluate both merit and financial need. Criteria include application data, financial analysis, academic record, in-person interview, EPPE, personal life-experience essay and references. 

Contact us

Goodrich Scholarship Program
University of Nebraska at Omaha
123 CB
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182
Phone: (402) 554.2274

Visit Us

Our offices are located in 123 CPACS, on the UNO campus at 6001 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska. For more information about the program, please contact: Imafedia Okhamafe, Ph.D.,, (402) 554.3467 or (402) 554.2274.

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